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Non Disruptive Ground Engineering

URETEK is a group of specialist ground engineering contractors providing rapid, long-lasting solutions to problems of sinking and settling foundations, slabs and infrastructure. We improve and strengthen soils and infill using expanding geopolymers.

Sectors We Serve


URETEK solutions have been successfully used in a wide range of infrastructure foundation repair works around the world in rail, airport, road and port environments.

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Industrial Buildings

Factory & warehouse floors, walls and machinery bases can be stabilized and re-levelled quickly, economically and with minimal disruption.

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Commercial Buildings

Uretek specialises in fast ground improvement and slab lifting which usually allow commercial premises to remain open and able to conduct their business.

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Public Buildings

The URETEK processes are ideally suited to public buildings, as application speed and the lack of excavations means minimum disruption.

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Residential Homes

URETEK stabilises and relevels residential buildings quickly, economically, and with minimal disruption to occupants.

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Historic Structures

URETEK has carried out award winning work on ancient structures including bridges, churches and landmarks.

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